Tuesday, August 26, 2008

SO big!

The first test is over! He doesn't know how he did yet, so we'll just be happy it's over.

We celebrated by checking out a little local restaurant that's sort of like an old fashioned ice cream parlor. The sandwiches were a little on the greasy side, but at least we got plenty of calories for only $4.99 each. And then, instead of getting their famous ice cream, we hopped over to Harris Teeter to spend less money for a half-off half-gallon. Fancy celebration, huh? Eating out does not fit into our recently adjusted budget. Someday.

And, Carson thinks he is "SOOO BIG!!"

So big that, today when I was making dinner (note all the weapons on the floor in the battle to keep baby entertained while mom makes dinner), he slowly let go of the pots-and-pans-drawer to stand on his own for a few seconds! Yikes!

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