Monday, August 11, 2008

Thanks, Mackenzie

Some pictures from the interim between Cambodia and settling in NC, thanks to Mackenzie's camera:

Carson discovers silverware. Funny, because now that he's mobile, there's no way he would just sit there on the counter. He'd be jumping off of it.

Carson rides a horse. Now we have pictures of him on a horse and an elephant. What's next?

While in VA, my dad, Mackenzie and I spent a fun day in horse-town, Middleburg. We stopped by this house on the way back. This is where my family lived when I was born!

And a few pictures from my parents' and Mackenzie's visit down here in NC last weekend:

Carson likes playing with Pappy because he lets him eat sticks.

The girls.

A new toy for the baby.


The sticker on his belly probably isn't very readable. It says "Obama." This is why Carson looks very put-out.

We walked around Old Salem, which is sort of like Williamsburg, VA. Here, we are eating Old Salem's famous bread, called "Lovefeast buns." You can imagine the jokes.

Mom can keep the orange peel intact: a real talent.

Go to sleeeeeeep.

Thanks, KENZ!

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Marge said...

I can't believe how growd up Mackenzie looks. Man, I guess that happens inbetween moving, having babies, moving some more and what not. We love your posts. keep up the great work!