Monday, August 25, 2008

test day

This is how Rick spent the majority of the last 3 days:

He is taking his first TEST of his first year of medical school RIGHT NOW. I definitely get more test anxiety than he does, and I'm not even taking it. I also seem to feel the need to wake up super early when he does, and stay up late when he stays up studying. I just can't go to bed alone, or let him wake up without me. Although while he is stuffing as much information as possible into his brain, my activities are more like planning this week's meals and searching for vinyl wall art on etsy. But I'm exhausted! And so, as he's taking his test, I am going to go take a NAP. (After praying earnestly for a little divine help for the test-taker, of course.)


And don't worry, this kid just went down for his nap.


Salem said...

Could Carson be ANY cuter????? Good luck to Rick! Before you know it, he will have taken many a test, and you will have planned many a meal...I have some of the greatest memories from last year and know you guys will too! Miss you and I'm already getting ready for the beach!

Marge said...

GOOD LUCK RICK! Glad to have you back with regular posts. Hope you were able to nap.