Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching up.

(Random photos from Dec 1 through Dec 16, 2008.)

Finally finished the curtains for Carson's room! This is my first sewing project since the old 8th grade pajama pants. And the patterns intimidated me, so I just did without. They turned out all right, but now I totally want to take a sewing class.

After Carson's nightly bath, we throw him on our bed and let him jump around in the pillows. He loves this!

When we go on walks, for some reason Carson always lays back in the stroller and doesn't even want to sit up or look around. He just sort of broods there. During this particular family walk, he held his piece of bread in his mouth the entire time.
And, Carson's first biting experience!! Our little 2-year-old friend was just giving Carson a huge hug and a kiss, and somehow he ended up clamping his jaws on Carson's forehead. The red mark lasted for days!!


Erika and Ryan said...

Cute curtains! I wish I could sew. That bite picture is something else! What a mammoth bite! I like the expression on Carson's face-LOL!

Salem said...

Poor Carson!!! That kid must have had one big mouth!!! And the curtains are cute!! Did you make the matching bumper pad and crib skirt???

Joleen said...

Your family is still just the cutest. I'll miss you and Rick during Special Olympics this summer! Hope all is well with the pregnancy :)