Thursday, January 29, 2009

no-car day

Today is a no-car day. We've already used up our gasoline allotment for the week with lots of little trips: library, playgroup, Dr. appointment, visiting teaching, Target/Costco, etc. Thank goodness it promises to finally be a sunny day, which means a nice looong walk is in order!

A no-car day = a blogging day. So here are a few fun facts about our lives as of late.
Did you know that our wonderful school here is pretty good at basketball?? Rick and I had a real date last week when we went to the Wake (#1) versus Virginia Tech game. Sadly, it was a heartbreaking loss. Last night, Rick went to the Wake (dropped to #4) versus Duke (#1) game. It was a very exciting WIN!! Rick came home extremely pumped, and all he could think about doing was showing me the highlights online. We ate an entire cookie-sheet full of nachos, watched the highlights, and went to bed happy fans of a #1 team.

Rick did not rush the court at the end, but apparantly lots of people did.

Carson is an incredibly sweet little boy. He kisses. A lot. Some days that involve lots of me playing on the floor with him, I feel like I'm involved in some make-out sessions. Here he's trying to convince Sadie to give him a taste of her lips. I can tell he's going to be a sweet little helper: if I am ever holding him and he sees a kitchen cupboard open, he just can't stand it and leans wayyy over to close it. He can also close the dishwasher by himself, and today he handed me spoons and forks one at a time so I could put them away.

And finally, our fireplace mantle has a new look. These silhouettes were super fun to make. I think the wreath needs some work, though... after Christmas I tried to put the old stuff up, and it just isn't working.


Meg said...

Those silhouettes are so sweet! You made those too? You are so talented, Page!

And of course, I must add... GO DEACS!

JenSwen said...

I love the silhouettes too. Carson is going to be a great big brother. It sounds like he and Kate are turning out to have similar personalities - both very nurturing and loving, and a little OCD about open doors, etc.

We need to catch up soon!

Salem said...

I love the silhouettes!! And way to go Wake Forest Basketball!! There isn't anything much better than March Madness...or College basketball for that matter. Couple that with nachos and I'm in every time!!!

Debbie and Matt said...

hiiii! that is soooooooooo neat! ur so creative!!! how did u do that? u alwasy do fun stuff!!!

Melissa said...

I love making silhouettes too!!! I can't believe I haven't done any of my family....just as gifts! I think the one of you holding Carson up with your little belly is the prettiest one I've EVER EVER seen! Incredible
-I know ALLLLL about using up the gas alotment (sp?) of a month. I've used the money allotment up and now I'm out of laundry detergent. Which is awesome I don't have to do laundry until Monday!
- I had NOOOO idea you were a RM from Chile....seriously you STILL look like you're 18!
-and don't worry about your #2's upper lip....all the better to kiss, right? :)

Marge said...

Love the silhouettes!