Wednesday, January 21, 2009

we have communication!


I was a little skeptical when a friend lent me a Signing Time DVD, as I'm very anti-TV watching. (Like, we have no TV!) However, I am now a HUGE fan of signing time and using sign language in general. (Note: this doesn't mean you have to watch a movie to sign. We really only watched each lesson a couple of times, and then I knew the signs well enough to just show them to Carson. Although since he's had a couple of nasty colds and was allowed to watch more Signing Time while he was sick, he's picked up on a lot more signs!!)

Carson can sign about 20 words!! When he's sitting in his high chair and runs out of cheese, I LOOOOVE that he just looks at me with big eyes and signs "more" instead of screaming or doing anything else unpleasant to tell me he wants more cheese. Another favorite sign is "dog" (you pat your leg). When we're on a walk, if he sees or hears a dog, that hand goes flying down to his leg to pat, pat, pat. The other day, he was bundled up super tight with lots of blankets during the walk. I heard a dog bark, and sure enough, you could see some movement under all those blankets... a little hand going pat, pat, pat. And as we walk through Costco, he just has to see the sample cart for him to start signing "hot!" For the record, his list of signs includes: more, food, thank you, hot, fish, dog, cat, car, airplane, shoes, hat, milk... and that's all I can think of right now.

Carson also verbally says "moo" for cow and "baa" for sheep, along with the usual dada and (finally!) mama. His most frequently said word is "ball;" he is definitely his father's son and LOVES balls. He also says "cracker," (just "ka" really), and recently "book," which sounds pretty much the same as "ball," but I know what he means.

During the past year, I've frequently said to Rick, "I can't wait until Carson can just talk to us!!" We're on our way!


Garett and Rachel said...

Signing Time Rocks- I think Carson now needs the zoo and farm one!!

mackenzie said...

page that is amazing! are you doing the signs and he's imitating you, or does he know them by voice?

mackenzie said...

and btw, i love that you, reagan, and i all don't have TVs. haha.

Jordan said...

Hi Page - I saw a link to this video on Mackenzie's blog. I was very interested in baby sign language when I was pregnant with Miller and now I'm really excited to get started! Cute video!!
Jordan (Mackenzie's SIL)

Salem said...

It was SO nice when Ryder could sign to me!!! I just taught him a few basic words...and it's interesting, because once they start talking, you kind of forget about the signing, and now Ryder has no recollection of signing. But at the time, it is really really helpful!!!

Debbie and Matt said...

awww! he is soooo smart! what is the name of the video? how old did you start teaching him signs? keep me posted! ur doing a great job you two!!!

The Hills... said...

I love it. I defintely want to teach out kids sign language.

I think you and I are on the same wave-length reading wise...I loved Three Cups of Tea too!