Friday, January 2, 2009

why I didn't blog over the holidays.

Since last blogging, we...

  • drove up to D.C. (6 hours)
  • flew out to Utah the next day. (BIG mistake = nighttime flight = baby and parents with 0 hours of sleep to start out the vacay)
  • spent 1-2 nights at each of Rick's siblings' homes. (drove up and down I-15 countless times)
  • partied with Rick's fam and exchanged home-made gifts.
  • flew back to D.C. (much better flying early in the a.m., but getting up at 3 was a little extreme)
  • attended my sister's wedding and par-tay.
  • visited more family (aunts & uncles, great aunts) around northern VA.
  • drove the 6 hours back to home, sweet home.

Oh yeah, and I think we celebrated my birthday, Christmas, our second anniversary, and New Years somewhere in there.

Now we are cleaning, organizing, budgeting, studying (Rick) and nursing the wonderful illnesses that we contracted during our journeys. Pictures to come. Someday.


Sara said...

Eeek! You're going to need a vacation after your vacation :-)

Playful Professional said...

Sounds kind of like our trip. I made the decision before I left to not blog and just start fresh when I came back.

Barbaloot said...

So-with all that free time while you were in Utah I can't believe you didn't come to see me:)