Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Final Christmas Report.

Basketball in the loft is a favorite activity at Greg and Suzette's. Rick serves as team captain and referee, and the little boys work so hard they have to remove their shirts.
Time-outs for foul play are a common occurance, and once Rick even placed himself on the time-out couch when he got a little over agressive.
We will remember this night as the first time Carson really started walking all around instead of just taking a few steps.
During our stay at Paul and Amy's house, we got tons of snow! All the boys had a great time shoveling.
Crazy Rick just loves to shovel...
...and to play football in the snow!
More fun with nieces and nephews.
At Jeff and Joni's, Carson had some first-class babysitters while we got to go to the temple.

Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa's. By the end, Carson totally got the whole present-unwrapping ritual.
Side note: I think my favorite gift is my new swiffer-mop made for cleaning wood floors!! I love that thing!
At Bruce and Jeanel's, we got to see their neat tradition of sledding on Christmas Eve. The best part is that the awesome sledding hill is right in their front yard, courtesy of the snow shoveled from their driveway.
Us with the Stanley's, minus Ryker.

Phew, now I can return to posting about current instead of past events!


davidandsuzi said...

Fun family pictures! Do you want me to put your vinyl site onto my blog??

Marge said...

That sledding looks awesome! We have had a bit of snow but nothing that measurable. I'm jealous. I'm glad you had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends, that is what it is all about