Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas morn at home.

It was just our little family for Christmas, and I LOVED having my boys all to myself!


After a fun Christmas Eve party with friends, we came home, put some excited boys to bed (Everett, of course, had no idea why he was excited), and played Santa. We watched Little Women while putting together a large wooden firehouse, wrapping little gifts and stuffing them into stockings, and consuming Santa's cookies and milk. What fun!!

The stuffed stockings.

Carson was actually a little disappointed that Santa left some of the cookie.
The BIG gift of the year: the rescue station! It is sort of my dream come true, too, since it's the closest I can get to a dollhouse with boys.
I haven't had time to make covers for the bean bag chairs yet, but these are for the reading corner in the boys' room. Although they have been used much more for jumping, diving, and wrestling than reading so far.
The boys loved their books from Gram (my grandma). Carson's is called I love you Stinky Face: such a cute book!
Our boys are so blessed to have lots of loving family and had plenty to open with gifts sent from Utah and Virginia. Here Carson models one such gift: perfect for my little helper!
Part of Christmas was that Carson was allowed to watch Toy Story! He is definitely a fan.
Christmas Day's lunch was a special feast. Carson had requested foods, "like the snack foods on the airplane and the car." The boys enjoyed fruit cups, pretzels, and little hot dogs. Real special, huh?
The snow started to fall just as we were finishing opening presents. It was a perfect day.


Lyndsay Budge said...

Hi Page! I don't know if you remember me from your old Wymount ward but I love reading up on how your little family is doing. I am really curious about the rescue station you got your boys for Christmas. Did you buy it? Or did you make it? Would you be willing to take some more pictures of it and email them to me? I'd like to try to make one for my son. I've done some google searches but can't find anything that looks similar to what I see in your picture. My email is

Thanks Page. Your boys are so adorable!

Salem said...

I love how festive your house looks! And a funny thing, Ryder actually asked Santa for "a boy dollhouse with fire fighters in it." With no prompting from me! I guess he needs to come play in Winston-Salem, cause he didn't get his wish. :(