Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Everett.


This little Everett boy is quite a hoot. If you can't find him, he just may be standing alone in a dark bathroom with a drum and drumstick in hand, banging away. He will cry for his entire naptime instead of sleeping if you don't read him Curious George. He will play outside by himself for as long as you'll let him, even if it's 30 degrees outside. If you really want to laugh, ask him to snort like a pig. If you give him a football, he will run around and around in circles and fall down, yelling, "TOUCHDOWN!!" He doesn't have a preference for which thumb he sucks when he's tired, but the opposite hand is always stroking his ear. This boy and his brother often call back and forth to each other from their beds, "marco! polo! marco! ..."

This little Everett melts my heart, and I am just feeling a little sad that these are the last few days he will be my baby!


Kim said...

Page.. I can't believe you are almost going to have 3 kids! And I don't know how you have waited to find out what gender they will be.. I don't think I have that kind of patience. Your blog always makes me smile. I miss you!

Melissa S. said...

I know the feeling!!!!!!!! Before I walked out the door to the hospital I went in Iris' room where she was sleeping and almost cried knowing she wouldn't be my baby anymore.
Christmas here was perfect wasn't it......snow, no one can go anywhere and just your little family. Perfect.