Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a quiet evening around here.


Rick is at a meeting. Carson and Everett are playing some game where they are "buying" onesies and diapers. And I am thinking that it is about time to have this baby.

I had decided that I wasn't going to be set on an early delivery. Just because my other kids were born at 37 and 39 weeks doesn't mean this one will follow suit. But as my due date approaches (Wednesday), I can't help but feel surprised that I am still pregnant!

This pregnancy has really been enjoyable, and I am going to miss it. Continuing to run (jog) all the way up until the end has made all the difference. I attribute my feeling great and not even experiencing any of the usual third-trimester tiredness to getting up early to exercise. I am so lucky to have two friends who are equally excited about meeting at 6 a.m. when it's 30 degrees to jog through the neighborhood streets.

It has also been so fun to talk about being pregnant and having this baby with Carson and Everett. Carson has felt the baby kick and frequently talks about when it will "burst out." (He came up with that expression.) Everett rubs my belly and says, "gentle, baby," and lately when I tell him I want the baby to come out, he knocks on my belly and watches it, as if a little door will open up.

I will miss this baby's gentle movements in my belly. But really, I am about to applique another set of onesies, and after that I just don't have much more to do to prepare for this baby! So hopefully recording these thoughts on this lovely pregnancy will bring on an equally exciting delivery!

A few final pictures of the belly.
Taking down the Christmas decor, and the baby's tiny stocking.
38 weeks.
Ok, this one makes me look REALLY big. It's just the shirt; I promise.


JenSwen said...

Page, you look amazing! All belly and super skinny.

After reading this post I'm wondering if I can attribute my good pregnancies to running almost until my delivery dates, since you are able to compare the two approaches. I've never run as much as you're doing though! I'll have to try it next time. :)

I'm SO excited to hear what you're having!! I hope you'll call me with your news! Good luck. :)

Melissa S. said...

Ha ha ha, you're so funny! Isn't it funny how you can feel super cute in an outfit, then you look at a picture and think, "Wow, that makes me look HUGE!" I'll tell you what though, you look extremely TEENY for being full term in real life.
You've got such a pretty profile. I love the first picture.

Jamie said...

I'm very excited for my new little neighbor to arrive! And so glad you are still feeling good!!

Sarah said...

All such cute baby bump pictures... love 'em :0)

Rachel K said...

Ugh Page. You have the cutest pregnant belly ever. =P It looks like you just have a small basketball, not a baby with arms and legs!

w and w said...

Hey if I was in the pic next to you, you'd look small. I'm praying for you! Let us know how we can help when SHE comes :)!