Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas morning 2.0.

A couple of days after Christmas, we were delighted to have some visitors: Ashley and Tim, and then Grandmama and Pappy. (This is my kind of Christmas... no traveling, and the family comes to US!)

We got to do presents all over again with them, and then that very afternoon we received some amazing packages from Grandma GJ and Grandpa Sam. Our boys were in heaven with all the presents to open!

My outfit is proof that I went running that morning. Thank you, thank you.
One of Everett's favorites. Thanks, Reagan!
Love the fresh jammies!
Both boys love this book, where the reading is recorded by their Grandpa. I am getting used to hearing my father-in-law's voice very often!
I think Rick might get more excited about new clothes than I do. Thank goodness for his mother, who will always be the expert in picking out clothes for him!
Everett in another cozy outfit from Grandma GJ.
Pappy took the boys for a little sled ride just before they left to go back home.
But they'll be back soon... just as soon as this baby decides to make an appearance!!

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sam and brittney said...

Yay for mulitple Christmases! James has the same fire truck PJs that Carson got. Love them. Hopefully your next post will be about your new BABY!