Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can't make this baby come, but I can make stuff.

The baby's room. With my mom's help, I got a whole lot more comfortable with sewing while making these curtains. The mirror is a yard sale find, spray painted. The beautiful desk (now changing table and dresser) was Rick's parent's desk.

The opposite wall has this couch. The very day that I mentioned to my mom that I wanted a couch to nurse and snuggle the baby on, she was going to put this out at a yard sale! I think I will make more of a picture collage on the wall once we know the baby's gender and name.

As a beginning sewer, I am quite proud of this little curtain. My first ruffle! And the lamp below as well as the sparkly pillow above are from my new favorite store, World Market.

I also made a few onesies.  This one is for sweet baby Haven.

And some more onesies. You can't see the contrasting colors of thread around the shapes, but that's my favorite part.

Oh, still no baby? Guess I will make some more onesies.

A new chevron pillow for the couch. I am waiting on some fabric to make one more pillow that I am very excited about. It's a large floral print that has the blue and the red in it and will brighten things up a little.

And finally, there has been no shortage of making food around here. In preparation for baby, I usually cook extra and freeze some dinners. The freezer is full and so is that 40 (41 tomorrow) week belly.

I was a little tired after all that cooking. And I have the best little snuggler ever.


Erika said...

If that isn't nesting, then I don't know what is! Love the curtains, pillow, and all the cute onesies. Looks like you're all set--wishing you the very best with #3!

Melissa S. said...

Get ALL THE REST IN NOW PRETTY LADY!!!! :) You look fantastic! And your projects are amazing. I bet the contrasting colors MAKE the onesies. I love that look too.

The zercher Family said...

I love those onesies, wish I could make some of my own!!

Sarah said...

Such cute projects!

Callie said...

You look great Page! And I love the projects you've been doing!