Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Faye's Fan Club, Part 1.

Shortly after this little thing was born, she hosted a whole slew of visitors! First up, Grandmama and Pappy. Grandmama took a whole week off of work, and we got to see Pappy on the weekends when he drove her back and forth.

Grandmama adoring her grandkids.

Grandmama always gives the first bath at home.

Getting ready to do sparklers.

Yeah right, like he's going to hold that thing!

Faye's not so snuggly like this anymore!

Thanks to my parents for making Faye's first week at home a wonderful time! Especially to my mom for somehow getting Everett to sit in his chair and eat dinner, and for taking Faye at 3 a.m. a couple of times when she was figuring out how to sleep at night and wake up during the day.

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