Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We are really good at naming our kids.

We like to use our kids' middle names to name them after someone in the family. Looks like we might be three for three on their names matching their looks.

First, there is our Carson Samuel James. He is pretty much a miniature of his daddy, Richard Samuel James, and also looks like his Grandpa, the original Samuel James. 

Then there's sweet little Everett Dickson, and this kid is a Dickson for sure. There are some pictures of me at Everett's age that look exactly like him.

And our Faye girl. Looks like she's got dimples, just like Aunt Jeanel!

We are feeling grateful for good families these days and hope these three will honor their great middle names.

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E J said...

That onesie looks so cute on Faye - and after meeting Jeanel, I can't believe how right you are about the similarities.