Friday, March 11, 2011

Faye's Fan Club, Part 2.

Grandma GJ came all the way from Utah to meet our sweet baby. Faye is grandchild number 20 for her and Grandpa Sam, and after 6 boy grandchildren in a row, I think they were ready for a little girl!

For Carson, the highlight of her visit was the Un-Birthday Party. Carson and his Grandma planned all the details of the party together and decided on yellow cupcakes with yellow frosting, a pin-the-tail game, and a bowling game. They went shopping at the dollar store, put up decorations, etc. What a fun Grandma!

The boys, ready for the bowling game.

This was a pretty fun game, too. I can't remember what it was though; maybe see how many toys you can balance on daddy?

Everett loves singing happy birthday and pretending to blow out candles. The other day he had my hairbrush and decided it looked like a bunch of candles, so of course he sang and tried to blow them out.

This boy was very happy with his yellow cupcake and yellow frosting. He really enjoyed his time with his Grandma!

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