Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sometimes she just can't fight it.

There's still usually one time between feedings during the day when Faye just can't stay awake. It's so funny to do everything possible to entertain and wake her up, and inevitably those eyelids just get heavy and we lose her. The boys think it's so funny when she does this; we pretend she's talking to us by moving her lower lip, and then suddenly she drops off to sleep. (Here she's snoozing on Aunt Jeanel's lap.)


E J said...

This is such a beautiful picture!

Kenny said...

my baby is the same, she is the sleepist baby i've had... your baby is beautiful in every way (oh this is maggie)

Garett and Rachel said...

I was just telling Garett about this. I think it is so cute. It doesn't matter where(I guess I have only seen her do it at church but still) she is or what position, so cute.