Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Playing.

Just playing.

Playing with vacuum attachments. (Ew.)

Playing with bubbles.

Playing on St. Patrick's Day. (Before he got super mad that someone ran in front of him when he was supposed to be the leader of the parade.)

Playing with Gracie.

Playing with dirt. (Not as cute as Gracie.)

Playing on her tummy.

Oops. (Does anyone have any laundry tips for spit-up stains? I am not very good at treating them right away, and all my clothes look like they have grease stains on them from this girl.)

Playing together.

Playing is fun, but I'm glad everyone is asleep for the night! The silence is lovely.


Emily said...

Your kids are so cute. Vacuum attachments really do look like toys, I can't blame them! :)

Please don't worry about getting the Ina May book back, I didn't know it was actually being read and the fact that it is makes me happy. I'm sure I can get my hands on another copy.

Callie said...

How lucky you are to have such cute kiddos.

Have you tried using Biz on the stains? It's what I used for all Eden's mishaps and it works great!

Garett and Rachel said...

Just a suggestion, stop the playing with vacuum attachments. I thought it was gross but harmless at first too. Now I can never find the attachments when I need them cause they will go get them off of the vacuum (that is put away in the closet). It drives me mad.

Erika said...

Shout in the CAN (aeresol) works on just about anything for me, especially stuff that tends to leave greasy looking marks. Ü