Monday, September 19, 2011

Carson's surgery.

Now that our special out of town guest (aka Daddy) is gone again, it's back to projects and blogging! 

While Rick was here, Carson had a little surgery, an orchiopexy. He did great and was running around that evening.
On their way to the hospital. (They walked!) Interesting to think that Rick could be performing this same surgery in the near future.
I got to go pick him up after the surgery. It took a bit to wake him up. It helped when I whispered the promise of Chick-Fil-A in his ear.
When he woke up and was given a popsicle, it was pretty funny to watch him try and get it into his mouth.

We're glad he did so well (didn't wake up freaking out like his mother does), and that the chance of him producing some grandchildren for us someday has increased!


Melissa S. said...

Thank GOODNESS you put that link. I was sitting there thinking, "What is THAT?!?!?"
That is still so sad seeing someone so sweet and little drugged and put under. What a trooper. I love that kid.

Emma and Dan said...

Aw, poor kid. I'm glad it all went well and that you were able to schedule it while Rick was home. :)