Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 23: finishing touches for Faye.

I started working on Faye's nursery long before she was born. Finally, today I hung the last picture or two, fixed a flower that had fallen down, repaired a hole in the wall, and pronounced it finished! This is my favorite room in our house. It is peaceful and every piece has  a special meaning behind it. It is also my favorite because it belongs to such a sweet little girl.

The crib was purchased for $20 at a church rummage sale for baby Everett. (The same church where Carson will go to pre-school.) The crib sheet was made by me and was the first time I bought cute pink fabric for a girl! The rocker was a Craigslist purchase, and the pillow on it is from Faye's great-Gram. The fabric for the flowers was a baby shower gift from our good friend Carrie, and putting those up was one of my favorite projects.
The desk-turned-changing-table belonged to Rick's parents. It was supposed to be for Rick to use for a medical school study desk, but has always been used for babies instead. The mirror was a $10 yard sale fine, spray painted by me and Faye's Grandmama. The lamp and all baskets in the room are from one of my favorite stores, World Market. Aunts Jeanel and Suzette babysat newborn Faye while we searched for the perfect baskets to fit under the desk.

The very day I told my mom I wanted a couch in the new baby's room, she had started to try to sell this one. It was lovingly donated to the nursery. The pictures above show the important men in Faye's life. (All right, the nursery is actually not finished. I should make a couple more pillows for the couch!)

The big letter "f" is from local store Re-Tale, spray painted of course. The other "F" just from a A.C. Moore. I went to that store 3 times to get that thing! For some reason they had every letter except F.
Curtains made by me, with help from Grandmama. We made them while she was visiting over Christmas break, before we knew that the baby would be a girl! The pink desk is from our neighbor's yard sale. The elderly neighbor said he remembers picking out that desk and painting it pink for his little girl (30 plus years ago).

An etsy print. I just love this little peacock. Can't you tell it's Faye??

Ikea chandelier hung by Pappy, and we still love to look for his fingerprint up on the ceiling.  The soft fluffy rug was a sale at Bed Bath and Beyond.
I love the memories that came about from creating this nursery both before Faye was born, and then adding her personal touches afterwards. Oh how we love this girl!


Brock and Kate said...

dang cute! I'm in the process of finishing sadie's room too and it's so much fun! love the little girls!

Robyn said...

Love that room! The picture of Faye at the end of the post is adorable.

Kim said...

Page I love all your blog posts lately. I am loving the survive and thrive. I am going to have to start doing something similar when I stop seeing my husband so regularly.
I just wanted you to know I really enjoy your blog! I miss you!

Joleen said...

Everything about this post is darling, especially the Little Faye!