Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 21: piano painting.

Not sure how Rick is going to feel about this one. So, I started painting the piano today. Well, actually I should say RE-painting, since we painted it red a couple of years ago. And by that I mean Rick painted it red while I watched. We used oil-based paint that time, which was a MAJOR PAIN. You did a great job, sweetie, it was just time for a little change.

Lately I can't stop thinking about the color turquoise. I get that way with colors sometimes. I start liking a certain color combination and before you know it, I looked down today and my shoes are turquoise and my shirt is too.

So, since I decided my living room is totally blah and took down everything hanging on the walls, it was time to bring in some... turquoise! I even brought my shoe into Sherwin Williams to compare the color. I am actually going to use that deep turquoise for some accents and got a way lighter color for the piano.

I sanded, primed and painted the top part of the piano. Aaaand that's where it stopped. Try as I might, I cannot figure out how to remove other pieces from the piano. And the thing takes about 6 strong men to move, so there's no way I can move it out from the wall to paint it there.

So, Rick, how about a piano painting date when you come home in only 8 more days???

The playroom right now.
Swirled the extra paint inside of a mason jar. Isn't that what everyone does with their leftover paint??

Everett's idea of fun today. He could have done this all afternoon. Carson put up with playing in the mud for about 5 minutes and wanted specific instruction on how to make a mud pie.

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Jamie said...

Is this because of that piano I pinned for you on Pinterest? ;)