Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 26: writing in the kids' journals.

It's been way too long, so I made myself sit down and write in the kids' journals tonight. 

Here's what they were up to today:

While big brother was at school, Everett had a friend over, and we did a couple of activities. Ev helped me make some simple alphabet cards, and we played games where he had to run to the letters and hop on them, or touch them with his head, etc.

This kid totally surprised me by knowing almost all the letters and their sounds/words that start with the letters. The funny thing is, when Carson came home and we tried to play again, Everett gave wrong answers and acted silly. It's pretty obvious that when Mr. I-know-all-the-answers Carson is around, Everett looks for other ways to get attention. This is why Carson is going to pre school: so Everett can have some time to shine!
Faye is eating like a big girl these days. She already wants what we're eating instead of her mush, which is fine by me. I do not like these days of cooking and pureeing and all that mess!
Today she finally grabbed that bowl right out of my hands. She was very happy with that accomplishment.
Look at those legs go!
I couldn't choose just one picture of her, obviously.
Our neighbor/adopted grandma Barbara found this great water toy on clearance, and Carson of course didn't forget my promise that we'd try it out today. Made me miss my class at the gym, but they had lots of fun!

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