Friday, November 4, 2011

And Halloween night.

Carson about died of happiness when I told him we would be trick-or-treating with Olive and family. Once recently he told me his favorite people in the world are Mom, Faye, Olive and Etta. With some convincing he added Dad to the list. We know he loves Everett, he just won't admit it.
You know you wanted to see Miss Peacock again.

And the peacock's mom.

A street in our neighborhood gets blocked off for trick-or-treaters. Most of the houses are decorated, and the place is packed with kids and parents in costume. So basically the whole block is one big party.
I think this is the house where the witch offered alcohol to the parents. Wow.
Isn't this street just so fun?? 

Carson and Olive acted like big kids and raced from house to house. Little Elmo was soooo slow and would stop to check out all the decorations. And Faye was for sure the cutest baby on the block.


Callie said...

Faye's costume deserves an award! :)

Salem said...

I can't get over Faye's costume. I'm so in love with it. It helps that she's adorable too. ;) And your neighborhood looks so fun! Re Intern year, you should be a little worried...definitely worse than med. school. But it's all for good reason, right?! Ahhhhh!

amandaruth said...

Love Faye's costume!