Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He's four.

We are so glad Carson is the "biggest brother" in our family. He has been doing a great job for the past four years. Carson requested a volcano-themed party after checking out the entire shelf of volcano books at the library. We had lots of fun planning it together!

After making a few of these birthday banners for Christmas gifts a whole year ago, I finally made one for myself! Carson's party food included a chocolate volcano cake, ice cream dipped in red sprinkles, and red cake pops. (Thank heavens a volcano was much easier to make than the disaster of a digger cake last year!)

The guests each painted their own mini-volcanoes, which were to be taken home and allowed to erupt.
We learned a little bit about magma, lava, ash clouds, etc.
Pin the ash cloud on the volcano. Kind of lame, but Carson thought we had to have a "pin the..." game.
Rick led an obstacle course type game, something about stay off the hot lava (leaves).
Cake time.
The little siblings corner.
The grand finale of the party was supposed to be the eruption of this awesome volcano that Rick made out of paper mache. The baking soda and vinegar just wasn't cutting it in the practice runs, so Rick bought some Coke and mentos just before the party to see if we could get the "lava" to really shoot out of there. Welll it didn't really work, and all the kids were just sort of waiting there for a while. (Laura has no fear!) So eventually Rick shook the Coke bottle real hard and it exploded all over him and the wall. The kids still thought it was cool!
Carson's actual birthday was Sunday, and after church and naps we had a nice family dinner and opened the Grandma presents. He's being funny when I asked him to smile here.
Opening presents = real smiles.
You better believe Everett can't wait til April 4th after all this birthday talk.
His birthday dinner request was mac 'n cheese. (NOT from a box, thank you very much! Actually I didn't have any cheddar and made it with mozzarella, feta and parmesan, and it was really, really good.)
We love it when Carson has a laugh attack. Usually it's because Everett is about to do something naughty.
So glad this boy's awesome wavy hair is growing back in!
The boys had fun blowing out the candles at our "fancy" dinner.
I'm certain that this sneaky little look means she is thinking about standing up and trying to jump out of her high chair, which she does every five seconds during every meal. Do I need to get a high chair with a five-point harness or what??


Melissa S. said...

Okay, that volcano cake is AAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME!!! HOLY COW that rocks. What a fun party. You're so creative.

Emma and Dan said...

The volcano cake is amazing! I love it.

I'll be calling soon to see if you have any "happy birthday" banner tips for me. That's what I am planning on giving Dan's siblings this year. :)

sam and brittney said...

Happy birthday Carson! Love the decor! Where did you get the candles?