Sunday, November 20, 2011


(Actually started this post yesterday, so "today" means yesterday.)

Starting the day with an awesome 14 mile run, plus having no heat on a chilly day made me feel 0 desire to get anything done today. So, the kids and I bundled up, cranked up the space heaters, and broke out Carson's new birthday goods. Usually I go crazy staying home all day with the kids, but for some reason we just had a wonderful time all day. I think it was because I really allowed myself to just spend time with them instead of trying to sneak in work, laundry, cooking, etc. These boys are pretty fun playmates.

Not related at all, a few random pictures from when we were making Carson's birthday cake. Everett looks like such a goof; it cracks me up! (He is doing so much better, by the way. Actually today was the first day since he started acting differently that he didn't have any terrified moments or outbursts or anything. Thank heavens. I thought we were going to have to send him off to some reform school or something at age 2.)

Carson finds interesting places to read. I was trying to get him to do something the other day, and he told me he was too busy "studying the solar system." And he really was. (That reminds me. A few days ago we were watching a cute little girl who was a little upset that her daddy had left her here. Carson, trying to comfort her, said things like: "Shiloh. SHILOH! All the outer planets are GAS GIANTS!!" Yeah, that really made her feel better.)

Faye girl had her first little fever a few nights ago. I was in heaven since it slowed her down and made her actually snuggle me for once!! She even fell asleep on the floor like this; very unlike her. It sounds awful, but I sort of wish the fever had lasted a little longer so I could have snuggled her more.

Rick coming home at 5 (still loving this emergency medicine rotation), having dinner with some friends (I brought butternut squash soup, which I LOVE), and going to an evening church meeting made for a lovely day.


Melissa S. said...

HA HA HA!!! "Gas Giants"!!!!!!! That made my day....that would make ME feel better!

mackenzie said...

who runs 14 miles to train for a 13.1 mile race?

i'm mostly annoyed because i didn't run this weekend so as not to aggravate my healing foot. so i'm feeling SUPER behind. hopefully i can get some good runs in over thanksgiving, but i guarentee you there won't be anything over 10 miles.

w and w said...

LOVE days like that. The whole solar system thing is too darling. How studious of him!