Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall leaves.

These pictures remind me a lot of last year. Except everyone's a year older, and there's a cute little girl crawling around. (And the pictures are NOT as good, thanks to our nice camera dying. It breaks my heart every time I take pictures on a cheap little thing.)

Rick was seriously asleep for a few minutes here.

We're enjoying Rick's wonderfully predictable schedule, as he's on Emergency Medicine right now.
I need to start styling her messy hair, but I embarrassingly don't know what to do. And she rips out most things I try!

And there was certainly no playing in the leaves from this boy. He had new books from the library.  Carson has recently gotten good enough at reading that he will sit absorbed in reading a book for long periods of time. (I know. He's three. I take no credit for his smarts; I taught him the letters when he was itty bitty, and he randomly started reading any word he saw over the summer.)


Jean said...

your family is the cutest! i love reading your blog!

Meg said...

Emergency Medicine really is the best lifestyle ever :)

And these pics are super cute, even with the cheapo camera. (I feel your pain though.)