Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Day 2011.

More presents.
Delicious Christmas brunch.
Really big presents outside.
Christmas feast at Tagg's/Gram's.

Mac 'N cheese!

My mom's big gift: a buffalo skull! She was pretty excited about it.
Ready for the big reveal.
So turns out Carson was extremely disappointed that his new bike (actually a hand-me-down, thanks Jeanel!) has no pedals. But today for the first time he rode it down the sidewalk and had fun!
This kid, on the other hand, had the perfect reaction. He said quietly, "it's what I always wanted!" Later he asked me if Santa went to Ace Hardware to buy the tricycle for him, since he had seen it there. Cute boy. He's working on learning to pedal well.
Watch out when this girl's behind her new stroller. (Another hand-me-down, thanks Reagan!)
Pappy probably takes the cake for the coolest gift received. A unicycle!

Gram's house. Oh the memories from Christmases when I was little!


Melissa S. said...

your dad's bowtie and vest are AWESOME!!!! HOW FUN!

Brock and Kate said...

those pink cowgirl boots are AMAZING.