Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She's one!

On her birthday, Faye enjoyed playing outside. (So happy to be doing the rocking horse all by herself!)

She also enjoyed opening gifts from grandmas and grandpas. 

We played some family games, planned by Carson. (His idea was "pin the eyes on the baby" since duh, Faye is a baby.)

And she enjoyed some yummy birthday treats!
The boys were SO excited for her to make a huge mess and gobble up her cake. Unfortunately all she really wanted to do was pat it.
I made her taste a bit.
So she played with it a little.
Ate a tiny bit.
Spit it out.
And then finally smashed it like Carson wanted her to!

Carson says Faye's was the BEST PARTY EVER! We love this girl!


Janssen said...

She is DARLING. There is nothing like a first birthday, is there?

Also, is your sister at Simmons? I dream of that school - it was just TOO expensive (and we didn't live in Boston).

Melissa S. said...

SO FUN!!!! "Pin the eye on the baby" sounds like such a graphic game. The name made me laugh. I hope Faye liked the nice weather for her b-day when she was born it wasn't so nice. ;)

Emma and Dan said...

Cute girl! The boys look like they had fun helping her celebrate. :)

I left a comment down below about your fashion blogging. :)

sam and brittney said...

I can't believe she is 1 already! she is too adorable! And I loved all your fashion posts. I loved all your outfits! I need to do this bc I hate all my clotes!