Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post-Christmas Activities.

A little hike on the Appalachian trail.
Faye is asleep on my back. (This was actually at the end of the hike.) Everett really wanted to sleep, and his poor little head kept bobbling. He whispered to Rick, "Is there a bed... outside?"

At the beginning of the hike, Carson heard there might be snakes or even bears near the trail. He freaked out a little bit, but Pappy can always help him get over his fears.

We went to the Festival of Lights at Bull Run. Faye thought it was fun to be out of her car seat and in the front. Carson asked me to take a ton of pictures of the lights, which obviously all turn out pretty much the same.

At the last minute, we extended our stay to not miss out on the New Years festivities. My mom and Mackenzie ran a 10k, and we enjoyed the post race party!

Both boys really didn't want to ride the pony, but I made them. I'm still not sure if that's being a good or a bad mom?

Banging pots and pans at... 7:30!

Really fun game night with the Taggs.

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