Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 3: oops.

So for today's theme, "embrace a trend," I was all set to wear my red pants. I even finished sewing a striped circle scarf to pair with it. But for some reason I just couldn't make the outfit look right. I tried a fun hair do and also failed. Meanwhile, my boys were playing a super fun game in the playroom where they pulled back the rug, imagined it was a giant whale, and fed the "whale" every toy in the playroom plus everything they could drag in from their room, plus a few furniture items. What?? So I wore my red pants with a boring black shirt, and after running errands, having a picnic, and making homemade tortillas, the outfit was wayyyy past photographable. Plus I had to hurry and change when Rick got home early so we could go on a family jog to the park!

Here's the lovely outfit from the evening...oops!

I don't feel too bad though, because I did get some cute pictures of the kids at the park.

I am so proud of this boy, who decided to stop sucking his thumb (except to go to sleep) a couple of weeks ago and has really stuck to it. And only occasionally asks for a treat for not sucking it.
It's nice that both boys can go to their room and independently get dressed, but really, I've got to hide things like Christmas-themed shirts and his beloved sweat pants.

It took about three years for Carson to get the courage up to go down a slide by himself. Miss Faye? She can climb up those stairs, sit down (or forget to) and fly right down that slide.

Climbing up.
Moseying on over.
Everett wanted them to go down together.
Whoops, there she goes! And thrilled about it!
Man, she is a fun girl.

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