Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Go Hoyas!

Rick got accepted to Georgetown's Medical School!!!!!

And now, the plot thickens as we weigh the pros and cons of each medical school... where we will end up is still a mystery.

P.S. We have Carson's 2 month appointment today. Every time I look at his little face I'm sad because he has no idea that he'll be subjected to the brutality of his first vaccinations.

P.P.S. We had a wonderful holiday weekend with Rick's sister Suzette and her family. Our nieces and nephews became quite proficient at making Carson smile. And Rick enjoyed playing football and rolling around in the snow with 3 fun nephews.

Ok, so one more thing. We got Carson the cutest blessing outfit ever!! Anyone who'd like to witness his blessing is invited to our church at noon this Sunday, January 27th.


JenSwen said...

Congrats! Page, your family must be so thrilled. And it's so great that you guys have choices.

Don't worry too much about the shots - he won't remember them, although it IS a sad thing as a parent to see those chubby little thighs get stabbed!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

I did not know you guys were looking into medical schools. How sad is that? I am excited for you...we are going through the same thing. A LONG ROAD. WE got a little set back. Due to my complications last year Steve didn't take the MCATS in time, so we are a year behind.

I know what you mean about the shots. Andy gets hers tomorrow, and I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. Last time she screamed for hours after. I wish I could say it is all good, but I have not enjoyed the shot experience. BUT IT IS NECESSARY

Salem said...

Way to go Rick!!!! Ryder and I are in Milwaukee this week...and would love to have you this close, but are SO excited that you could possibly live by your family....AND GET AN EDUCATION FROM GEORGETOWN!!! That would be so amazing....and we would still visit you...just not as often. :) Good luck with your decision making...and the shots...I still get sad when Ryder gets shots...but it makes him stronger...or something...I guess. Can't wait to see baby Carson (and you and Rick of course) in a couple months!! And have a great blessing day this Sunday...I want to see lots of good pictures!!

webgrrlie said...

hi there! i just came across your blog via mrs. dub :)

i wanted to let you know that if you end up at georgetown, i live less than 10 miles from campus (i even worked there for about 2 yrs.) so don't hesitate to email me, and i'll show you around!

good luck with whatever choice you ultimately make.