Monday, January 14, 2008

Merry (Belated) Christmas

Today we are finally sending out the last of our Christmas cards! I was a little too ambitious with my design of the cards, and they ended up taking wayyy too much time to make. Anyway, we'll send out what we have today and worry about it again next year! Since we didn't get to send them to a lot of people we wanted to, I'll post a picture of the card:


"2007 brought the Otto family a lot of JOY..."


"Rick found joy...
Directing the Special Olympics of Utah's summer games,
Playing on 7 different intramural sports teams,
Studying hard, taking the MCAT, and being accepted to medical school,
Preparing a group of BYU students to teach English in Cambodia,
Loving his wife and new baby.

"Page found joy...
Graduating Magna Cum Laude from BYU with a BS in Nutritional Science,
Working as a research assistant to publish a paper with a BYU professor,
Serving in her church's women's organization,
Getting to know Rick's parents with a vacation to the Dominican Republic,
Giving birth to a sweet baby boy.

...and we are proud to announce the birth of our bundle of JOY!!"
(and the birth info.)

And this is the picture inserted.

There. Done. I am packing up my craft basket until next year, when I will pick a simpler card. Or just start earlier.


Marjorie said...

Woman, that is simply amazing! That is like a mini scrapbook for each individual person. you are awesome. I had good intentions of doing crafty cards this year, I even bought a cute stamp set but of course I decided to sleep instead. Maybe next year at Thanksgiving I'll send you an e-mail reminder to start!

Salem said...

Your cards were so cute!!! I sent you guys one of ours, but it came back saying the address was not valid...if you want to email me your address, I'll send it again. I'm thinking next year, I may just spend a few extra dollars and buy the's enough work just to address, stamp, insert pictures!!! Not to mention MAKING the cards...but it's so fun to have them be original, too.