Thursday, January 10, 2008

In Business

With the start of this new semester (Rick's last of undergrad!), we decided to collect all of the textbooks that we (foolishly) had thought we had wanted to keep forever and always. Turns out we had about 40 books between the two of us! The pic doesn't even show all of them. Realizing how expensive textbooks are, we found ourselves sitting on a pile of gold. So, we got to work posting the books for sale on BYU's website. It took us almost an entire day to post all of them. We used all the strategic business knowledge we could muster to set prices and write attractive advertisements like, "features helpful highlighting on almost every page!" We really felt like businesspeople when all the emails and phone calls started coming in. It was definitely worth it... to date, we've almost made enough money to pay for my plane ticket to accompany Rick to Cambodia this summer!

Speaking of being good businesspeople, maybe we should be in the business of producing cute children. We may be biased, but we think our baby is the cutest, most fun little person there ever was!

"Mommy, I warned you if you put me here I might fall over." Which he did, but intelligently used his hands to keep from suffocating on the couch. Good self defense, Carson.

Carson loves playing with daddy, for whom he has now smiled several times! He smiles for me occasionally, but not as much as for his look-alike.

...and, this kid now rolls over from tummy to back! It's a new way to get out of tummy time. He just whips that big head around, and the rest of the body follows. The only time I caught it on camera, I started taping halfway through the dramatic roll-over and he was crying, but here it is.

We love our baby!


Salem said...

I know you're a little biased...but I have to agree that Carson is definitely at the top of the "cutest babies" scale. He is so precious....I want to hold him and give him kisses!!!! And he's talented, too!! Way to go on rolling over Carson!!

mackdick said...

whoa the twins are over a month older than him and they haven't mastered that skill yet. way to go, carson.