Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Just some more movies and pictures of Carson

Like, a LOT more movies and pictures of Carson.



Carson feels no remorse. And this is just the mess that projected OUT of the diaper.

Sucking vigorously on mom's hand. Check out the definition in that arm.

Snoozing boys.



Salem said...

Okay...I could look at this boy all day long (sorry Rick, I'm talking about Carson :) ). I can't believe he is rolling over!!! It must be the classical music. :) Ryder and I are coming to Utah for conference week...and we want to see you!!! Ryder totally knows who Carson is, so he would LOVE to see him...he loves babies!! Cute pictures and videos...keep em' coming.

JenSwen said...

I am going to predict that Carson will be early in all his gross motor skills. He is so cute and happy - he must bring you lots of joy!

Barbaloot said...

He looks so much like Rick! I love keeping up to date with you guys on your blog:)

Lynn said...

hey page! I just got caught up with your blog, and I even quoted you on my favorite quotes on facebook because I loved your blog on a season to be...
I've been thinking about that so much lately! Thanks! I have a blog too. Not that it's as full of major life changes as yours, but I like it. And I agree, he looks like Rick!

JAMIE COOK~ said...

they get so big so fast! I am glad that you have a blog! Can I put your blog on mine? Do you mind?