Monday, April 7, 2008

Farewell, Wedding Dress

December 23, 2005
Santiago, Chile

A beautiful baptismal service took place in a river, as a celebration of the 200 year anniversary of Joseph Smith's birth.

My good friend, Mara Priscila Ariza Funes, was baptized that day. Here she is with Marco Reyes, who baptized her, me, and my wonderful companion Herman Killian.

Fast forward almost exactly one year.
December 28, 2006.
Washington, D.C.

A beautiful wedding ceremony took place. I got married in this dress. Meanwhile, Mara and I kept in touch and continued to be friends.

Fast forward to last week.
April 2, 2008.
Provo, Utah.

I got my dress out to try it on one last time before packing it up, and to take a picture of it. (I felt quite silly prancing around the apartment in my wedding dress, trying to set up the camera for my very own photo shoot. So this is what stay-at-home moms do!) I then took it to a friend who would be traveling to Chile.

Soon, Mara will receive the dress! Her faith, repentance, and baptism have led her to the point where she is ready to be married in the temple. I am honored to have her wear my dress.


mackdick said...


i was going to use that dress on some future date for my wedding!

thanks a lot. now you have to find me a new one.

Page said...

Settle down, everyone. I will get the dress back. I hope to visit Chile soon, maybe sometime in December.

Think you can wait that long to get married, Kenz? :)

JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

that is really the most beautiful thing ever...I love that you get to share something so special for you with people that you taught. I LOVE IT, so touched

Alice Carey said...

That's really sweet of you. Way to go on being able to fit in your wedding dress! :) I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fit in mine quite yet.

Barbaloot said...

How awesome are you for sending her that!?!
Oh-and I totally just read your post. Glad you're getting the dress back:)
PS-I've always said that I'm saving my wedding dress to wear whenever I want after I get married. Hope my husband doesn't mind...

Marjorie said...

Page, you are so sweet! I just want you to know that you are such a great example of the pure love of Christ. We are all so blessed to have you in our lives! Keep up the great work. PS you as a stay at home mom some how have much more time on your hands then I do (I want to do my own photo shoot now).

Neal and Kiersten said...

That is a great story--you're lucky that you have been able to find a good purpose for your dress after the wedding. It's beautiful, too.