Saturday, April 19, 2008


This is how we spent most of yesterday:

And when we weren't doing that, we were doing this:

Carson is sick. Stuffy nose, nasty cough, fever, the whole bit. The only perks of him being sick are having a personal little heater and him laying his head down on me, like he hasn't done since the sleepy newborn stage. The rest is no fun. The poor kid has a coughing spell and then gives a little wail to tell you how bad it hurt. And nighttime is certainly a challenge with him waking up every hour! We want our happy baby back!! He woke up this morning without a fever, but it's back again now. We'll see if it improves throughout the day...

Poor baby.

Oh, and happy finals week!

(I'll make a smiley pancake for you too if you take 4 finals in 2 days.)


JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

sick babies are the saddest thing ever...Really, it is like the whole family is down for the whole time. I recommend a humidifier...that helps alot for some reason.

Barbaloot said...

Poor Carson:( But it is fun when babies will cuddle at least.

Congrat to Rick for doing so many finals---and I'm sure he aced them all!

Jewels said...

Poor little Carson. I will think of you as we are sitting up at night. I miss you guys too, but I will be back soon. We are coming back around the 15 of May so I will get to see you before you leave I hope! :)