Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Snow in April

Yesterday, April 7th, it SNOWED. Where, oh where, is Spring?? Yesterday morning, Carson and I were headed to Wally World to purchase some large plastic storage bins. (Yes, I dared to enter the less friendly, less organized, poorer quality, and definitely not-as-cute Wal Mart over Target. In a very few instances, Wal Mart trumps Target. Large plastic storage bins for $4.50 each fall under that category.) So, on our way to Wal Mart, we naively assumed the clouds and sprinkles would subside. As we drove, the rain turned to hail, and then SNOW! Like, huge flakes, sticking to the grass, white all around. Parking, entering the store, and returning home were more adventurous than planned.

So, what do we do on a snowy day in April? Dream of springlike weather, and take pictures of Carson, of course! Here are the results of his photo shoot in the snow suit.

And then, we played Pat-a-Cake.

Besides the wonderful visit of Salem and the Jones crew, playing with Carson was the highlight of the day! (Although it was SO nice to see cousin and long-time friend Salem. She and Ryder make a very cute pair! We had a fun little reunion right on the BYU campus, and then a great time dining at Cafe Rio with more family later that evening! Thanks for the visit, Jones fam!)


JAMIE Probert COOK~ said...

I am so sick of the snow---I am done with it! Just when I think my baby can see the sun for the first time....nope.

mackdick said...

carson has a really really big mouth.

mackdick said...

my comment sounded kind of like an insult.... but i promise that wasn't the intent.