Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Los misioneros vuelven!

A certain Elder and Sister Otto are on an airplane right now, returning from their 2-year mission in the Caribbean. I first met my in-laws at my wedding. (Can you calculate the timing??) Then, with our 6-month-old fetus in tow, we visited them in the D.R. This will be the third encounter for me, and Carson's first outside of the womb.

We are excited to spend a couple of weeks with them before we take our turn living oversees for a while! The only problem is, I fear I won't get to hold my baby much while Grandma Otto is around...

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Jen Bowen said...

Wow! That's exciting you get to have some time with your parents-in-law before you leave this side of the world. It can be a little intimidating though...Are they coming to Utah or will you be going where they live?