Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebrating the five-year-old.

Carson with two of his favorites: baby Isla and his stuffed cat, Boo.
Last year we started a tradition of making these candy turkeys for Thanksgiving. This was a perfect activity for Carson's actual birthday. This year the boys were actually old enough to really make them with little help from me. 
My gift to Carson was his baby book. (Finished at 11:59 p.m. the day before the Groupon expired for it, of course.) He has been looking forward tot his book for a while! He also got safety goggles, obviously.
Carson talking about when he was born. He brought this book in to school for Show and Tell a couple of weeks ago, and he said the teacher let him read it to the class.
Birthday ice cream.
The Army Hospital put on this big Christmas party for kids. We decided to go and call it Carson's birthday party. (He and I had started planning a cool outer space party, but since Rick didn't have any Saturdays off I sort of procrastinated doing a party on my own until it was too late!)
The boys have always wanted to play mini golf after reading about it in a book a long time ago.
Carson's friend Clark came with us. He and Reagan plus Truman were the party guests.
This wasn't that long ago, but Isla probably would not fall asleep like this anymore! 
Decorating Christmas cookies was another activity at the party.
Definitely a favorite!
Santa was even at the party! I think Everett is trying to tell him he really wants a "cool construction site."

Reagan helped Carson decorate his own birthday cake!
They made Earth and Jupiter.
Happy Birthday, Carson! (He's very wary of matches.)

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