Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas morning!

Is this picture of the cute kids in front of the tree magical or what? Thanks to Jeanel for their Christmas jammies. They love them, and Everett often puts his sleeper on for his nap or just to hang out around the house. 
(There were actually 19 pictures taken like this in front of the tree where someone is crying/running away/hitting someone else, etc. This good one was the very last attempt.)
Stockings first. Carson is excited about his Gatorade. That's what he wanted for his special food item. Everett's was "Monkey Brains Oatmeal."
Each kid woke up to one "big" gift hidden under a sheet or blanket on Christmas morning. Carson is unveiling his new lego table. (Actually an $8 IKEA Lack table with lego bases attached to the top. Santa is so smart.) 
Everett has been asking for a "cool construction site" for a year now. He was slightly disappointed to not receive one for Christmas last year. For his birthday last April, he got a construction truck that I thought might satisfy him, but he kept on asking for that "cool construction site." On Christmas morning, his dream finally came true. He got a bunch of little toy trucks, a crane, little worker men, etc. that can all go on a play mat that looks like a construction site. (Actually a piece of viny fabric drawn on with Sharpies. Again, that smart Santa!)
Faye got lip gloss. "Yips! Yips!"
Everett with his dream come true.
Ahhh Christmas morning! I have to add a thank you to possibly the nicest man in the world, Michael Clemens. You see, Rick did not have a single day off for Christmas, or any other holiday. (Well, I guess I mean night off, since he was working nights.) I told myself it was ok, but I was pretty sad about doing the whole Christmas Eve thing by myself, and then having an exhausted dad awake for just a few minute with us on Christmas morning. Well, Michael VOLUNTEERED to work for Rick on Christmas Eve night. I know, who does that?? So, thank you a million times over to him for this magical Christmas morning!
Faye's big gift was her kitchen. I love watching her play with it! She often comes downstairs in the morning, gets out her pots and pans, and asks me, "What you want?"
Rick even got a couple of little fun gifts. And I was very happy that there was NOTHING under the tree for me from him. If I want something I will pick it out myself, thank you very much.

Merry Christmas!

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Shauna Dickson said...

Pappy is glad you are not a headband mom. They still look cheesy to me.