Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dinosaur Stampede.

We had been trying to get over to the Botanical Gardens to see their dinosaur exhibit since it opened in September. When I realized it closed at the end of the year, we finally made the trip! The way they set up the exhibit was great. They had replicas of dinosaurs and other pre historic creatures spread all around the gardens, so you had to walk around to find them. Each of the kids had a map and a list with a description and a question for each creature.

We sort of just jumped in the car and went, forgetting our stroller and not really bundling up enough for the unusual 50 degree day here. But we had fun anyway!

I thought the stroller was in the trunk. Oh well; we got to carry this sweet little thing all over, and walk at a Faye/Everett pace.

Studying maps, looking for dinosaurs!

One of the first species: a giant cockroach.

Most days, I am walking around with white stains down my arms, back, back of my pants, etc. etc.

Everett with the Nile Crocodile, looking for the Meganeura.

Carson and Everett were both really nervous to enter the Tropical Room. It was really foggy and loud because of the water. But we had to find the Quetzalcoatlus and the Bambiraptor!
Writing down answers to the questions.
You can see the Camarasaurus in the background. This is the point where we got a little lost. Let's be honest, neither Rick nor I have a very good sense of direction. We're hoping one of the kids does so they can help us someday.
50 degrees, and no shoes of course. There were some Asian tourists all bundled up there who were just shocked that a little girl would be running around like this! I promise I put shoes on her, but I never force my kids to wear jackets or anything. I figure it's their choice if they want to be cold!
I thought this cactus wreath was fun.
The Allosaurus.
They spotted the very last dinosaur! It was a Hypsibema with its nest of eggs. (Yes I am using the brochure to write the captions. I figured the boys would want to remember the names.)
Once we found all the dinosaurs and answered the questions, we got to turn in our brochures for a prize at the gift shop. Each kid picked a tiny toy dinosaur out of a basket. Everett was taking forever to choose his. I finally had to tell him if he didn't pick in five seconds I would choose for him. Well, I chose for him and then carried him out of there throwing a major fit. Erase that last part of our visit, and it was a great day!

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Melissa S. said...

I LOVE the spit up down your arm!!! hahaha What a fun place