Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, saved!

Rick worked on Thanksgiving, and most of my friends here were out of town. So, I told the kids we could go to the Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner. I was sort of excited about it. But I think trying to enjoy a buffet dinner with four kids by myself might not have been as fun as I was thinking. So, I was thrilled when our friends the Jacksons invited us over instead. The Jacksons saved Thanksgiving!!
The Thanksgiving savers with the bird.
I do still use the old vinyl machine sometimes.
Isla's thought bubble says, "oooh, why don't they get me one of these swings at home!"
It kind of bugs me that my kids don't appreciate good food at all. Here, Everett isn't even making an appearance for Thanksgiving dinner. I think Faye's meal consisted of about six rolls.
Oh, isn't this what everyone does after their Thanksgiving feast? Carson is rappelling off the side of the Jackson's house.
We met up with some more families to play kickball after dinner also. The weather was beautiful; it was so much fun!
It's fun to take pictures of baby Vaughn!
Just in case they ever date or something.
Was Everett even present this whole day? He spent the kickball game busy with the sand at the volleyball court next to the field. 
A HUGE thank you to the Jacksons for making what was going to be a sad Thanksgiving a very happy one instead! And the best part about the day was that Rick showed up halfway through dinner! Someone had let him go early, and he got to join in the fun. So it turned out to be a perfect day.

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Melissa S. said...

OH OH OH, I miss me some Jackson time......BIG TIME. Looks like fun though!