Wednesday, January 9, 2013

more catching up.

Just playing. That credenza back there is the best thing ever for storing all these huge Tonka trucks.

The neighborhood people put on this really fun Christmas party at the clubhouse down the street.  Lots of bagels, juice, etc. and crafts for the kids to do.
It's always at events like this on a Saturday or something when I look around and realize I am the only parent there without a spouse. And that I have the most kids. I sort of want to wear a sign that says, "I am married, and we meant to have all four of these."
She's a really nice baby.
Yep, here's our table. One adult, four kids. Notice there are no donuts here. I didn't let the kids have any, but then they spotted them on the way out and we did all split one. I think I called the donuts "nasty," and now anytime I use the word nasty the kids aren't sure if it's something that really is gross, or something that is actually yummy.
I think this is our second Santa meeting this year.

After that Christmas party, we played at the neighborhood park next door. The party favors included bubbles and stamps, so we had fun using those. I let Faye stamp all over my legs. It was a fun morning.
Everett really really wanted to do a gingerbread house, so I caved and just bought a kit. Apparently this is the only picture I took, right before we started decorating. Whoops.
Cheeks! This was a few weeks ago; I think she's actually thinned out some since then.
I found these hats for a great deal and sent them to my nieces as gifts. I should have gotten some for my own kids! They actually do have some cold weather here!
The always want Isla to lay in bed with them!
I live with a lot of guilt and worry that I don't do enough crafts and learning activities with my kids. This is just to document that occasionally we try.
They love the bath! Especially since Aunt Jeanel gave them some cool tablets that turn the water different colors.
The week before Christmas, we were ALL sick (except for Rick) with the flu. It definitely put a damper on things!
Sometimes we pack up sandwiches and have dinner at the park.
Playing with Isla after church.

I used to think I would be the kind of mom who always has here baby girls in matching headbands. I am not a headband mom. Oh well.
More playing.
Every year we make home-made gifts for the Otto side of the family. This year, the boys were actually old enough to participate in making theirs! I did the stencil, and they painted some T shirts for their cousins. We love the tradition of making and receiving hand-made gifts!

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Rachel K said...

Okay, first of all, GUILTY for not doing crafts? That's just ridiculous. Either that, or I am a TERRIBLE mom for never organizing crafts for my kids...when they're feeling the crafty bug I show them the "craft box" and they wing it. Being creative is creating. It doesn't require patterns and instructions to be successful!
Second, do NOT stress the headband thing. I ABHOR headbands on babies (eeek! Did I just say that in public??). So one less baby with a headband totally floats my boat.