Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Faye is two.

This spunky little thing turned two today.

There is something really, really fun about a just-turned two-year-old. It's like suddenly this little thing who used to walk around and make messes and cry is having full on conversations with you. (Not that she doesn't make messes or cry anymore. Let me assure you, she can scream with the best of them.) But the new words and funny conversations with a two-year-old voice are just too precious.

Sometimes Faye tells me something and then leans forward and says, "I'm seeweeous (serious), mom." Whenever Rick is home, every five seconds she is demanding, "Watch dis, daddy!" She might want him to see her take a big bite of her dinner, or it might precede her flying off the couch onto the ottoman. A lot of times, when I go to get Faye out of her car seat, she is pretending to be asleep. I play along and act like I have whisper and carry this sleeping girl into the house. She usually has a little smile curling up on her lips while she's trying to fake the sleeping. Faye received a baby doll for a gift today. She immediately got out the wipes and a diaper and spent some time wiping, changing, etc. She also frequently can be found "nursing" dolls, stuffed animals, and even the rocking horse one time. She thinks she can nurse them with her belly button. When we put Faye to bed, she usually has a few demands. As I'm trying to leave the room, she gets a little frantic and says, "I need a tissue! I need a dink! I need a go potty!" (She wears a diaper.) I've been trying to teach Faye colors, letters, numbers, etc. for a while, but she's not terribly interested. Whenever I ask her what color something is, she responds incorrectly. However, the other day while she was playing I heard her correctly identify all the colors of the markers she was using. She knows more than I think; she just chooses when she wants to say the right answers! Faye is quick to say sorry and thank you. I love serving her a drink, helping her out of the car, etc. when she says, "Tanks, mommy!" Whenever I stub my toe or say "ouch" about anything she quickly says, "sowwy mommy." Faye is not potty training yet, but some mornings when we stay home, I have her go without a diaper, and she will pee for Skittles. She sits on her little potty clutching the Skittles bag until she earns one. When Faye is in a really silly mood, she runs around like crazy, falls down, laughs her head off about it, wrestles her brothers, etc. When she throws tantrums, she jumps up and down, throws her head back and really screams. She's getting much better at getting over the tantrums now, and usually stops suddenly, sniffs, and says, "Faye stop crying."

Faye's birth two years ago was one of my favorite moments ever. I will never forget finding out that I was finally the mother to a GIRL! She definitely turned out to have more spunk than I thought my sweet little daughter would, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I can't wait to hear what she has to say tomorrow.


Brock and Kate said...

Such a cutie! Happy birthday Faye!

Salem said...

I can't believe how curly her hair is! Happy Birthday, Faye!

Melissa S. said...

that pic is the absolute BEST of her!!!!!! You know that right?

hughesfamily said...

Precious girl. Precious post.