Saturday, January 5, 2013

How they do their best work.

A year or so ago, I posted about how Carson had never really colored a whole picture until one day when he brought me this. He had read the instructions that told him exactly where use each color, and that was what motivated him to complete a picture for the first time in his life.

Now, Everett doesn't seem to have any sort of amazing artistic ability either. But he certainly has different motivations for drawing and writing. Everett knows his letters and can read a little bit, and I know he can write, but he usually chooses not to. I really have to convince him to write letters at all. A few weeks ago he wrote his name all by himself, without anyone asking him to, for the very first time. He wrote it on the wall. With a Sharpie.

E. Upside down V. Creative way to write an R. Then E, T. He actually spelled his name how it sounds, "Evret."
He also wrote a C over here. (He put a C where Carson had been sleeping on the floor when we had guests, and his name was where he had been sleeping. He innocently told me he was just trying to label where everyone had slept, and that he thought I could just wash the marker off with water.)
 Everett also drew a picture of himself without anyone asking him to. This time it was on a piece of wood he found in the garage.
So, if you really want Carson to draw something for you, write out specific instructions for him. He will comply for sure. If you want to get some artwork from Everett, just leave a permanent marker out and some sort of blank canvas that you really don't want to be messed with. I'm sure he'll draw something really nice. That's just how they do their best work!
Faye wanted in on the photo action. She's smiling for the picture, you just can't tell.
Oh, there she is. Saying "cheese" like she means it.
Isla does her best work when she naps. Someone at a church activity today asked me if she's always sleeping. I know I complain about her taking longer to sleep through the night than my other babies, but she is a great, consistent napper.
And as for my Faye girl, in order to do her best work, she has got to be barefoot. Besides, "You've sure got your hands full!" the most repeated comment I get in public is probably, "Where are her shoes??"
That's my girl.


hughesfamily said...

I love a barefoot girl! :)

Sorry about the Sharpie incident...but those are good letters!

lauren said...

This is such a cute post! I love reading about your kiddos!

amandaruth said...

Love your family!

Gloria Otto said...

A Family comes from Heaven to Earth. Page truly you are doing all you can to help each one of your children have wonderful, and fun experiences. Isla and Faye seems to have some common beauty genes. It was really kind of the Doctor to take Rick's call, so he could spend some of Christmas with his family. May the Lord bless that thoughtful young man.