Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keeping them entertained.

I remember when Carson was a baby/toddler, I felt like I spent SO much time and energy keeping him entertained, his mind stimulated, etc. etc. It's fun to have kids old enough now that they keep themselves entertained. And Lego's are a lot more fun to help with than showing them black and white flash cards!
Sometimes they wake up early just to do Lego's in their jammies.
Showing soime of his creations.
Carson wanted a turn with the camera. I think I have adopted a "uniform." A workout T shirt, jacket, and yoga pants every day.
These lovely mailboxes kept the boys entertained for an afternoon as they made and delivered "mail." The cutest was a card from Carson to dad that said, "Dear dad, please come home early one day. Love, Carson."
Everett even did some appropriate writing during the mailbox day.
We've been able to babysit a couple of girls all day a few times lately so their moms could work. I told Carson and Everett that if they helped take care of the little girls, they could have some of the earnings. They each got 50 cents and really wanted to "ride the motorcycle at Target." I had no idea what they meant, but the next time we went to Target they realized it was actually a ride-on thing at Wal Mart! I try to avoid Wal Mart, so they'll just have a wait a while to do that.
Carson is at Pre-K for a couple of hours each morning, and this was a rare moment when these two weren't fighting. They were "washing dishes."
And I got to hang out way over here...
Keeping this little thing entertained! Even Isla is getting good at keeping herself entertained now. She can roll both ways, hold toys, and will do the exersaucer for a while.
Ok I still am a little psycho about keeping their little brains stimulated. :)

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