Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back when we used to wear jackets...

So, just when I get around to posting about the lovely fall we had here, I think both fall and winter have come to an abrupt end. It's hard to enjoy these beautiful 70 degree days when I'm worried the hot summer is going to seem verrrrry long.

The leaves finally fell off the trees at the end of December. These pictures were from December 30th, to be exact.
That Sunday afternoon, the neighbor was out raking, so we offered to help. I think she laughed at us. Then we raked our own yard.
Well, Rick raked. The boys jumped in the leaves, Faye ran around, and I took pictures. Isla was swaddled up real tight somewhere, I'm sure.
Everybody's got a job.
Oh there's Isla. Yep, all swaddled up.
Faye girl sure loves her daddy. She asks to call him several times a day, whether it's to tell him she fell down or because she needs a little entertainment on the potty. (That's right, Faye is officially in the underwear club.)
Rick would load up the tarp with leaves and then pull both leaves and boys all the way behind the garage to dump them all.
Faye and I took a little break to make some bread.
This girl's got to have her "snitch." She pronounces it, "sinch."
Well, it really was a nice autumn time, for the couple of days it lasted!

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Born to Run said...

Such a sweet family! I love reading your posts. :-)