Tuesday, February 12, 2013

nap time art.

Finally filled everything on the gallery wall! My friend Kim took some family pictures for us that turned out SO cute, so it was easy to fill some frames with those. I used fabric and things I had to fill some more frames, but the canvases were sitting empty for a while until I decided to break out the paint during nap time.

I used a potato cut in a triangle shape to make this fun little piece of art. (The kids, of course, got to do some potato stamping later.)
I was about to copy an idea someone had to pour glue into the shape of a state and then cover it with gold glitter. Then I remembered I had this gold glittery paper! Much easier to cut paper than pour tons of glitter over glue. I'm not sure I love this one; I wanted to just do North Carolina, but the shape of the state doesn't really work with the vertical canvas.
Kim got some really good pictures, especially of Faye!
I love doing some simple project like this during nap time; for some reason it makes me feel like I got a TON accomplished in the day, even though it was one tiny extra thing. It's nice that even if kids are screaming and the kitchen sink is filled with dishes and there are about six loads of laundry sitting there needing to be folded and put away, I can glance over at this wall and be like, "hey, I'm doing awesome today!"


Jamie said...

I totally understand that feeling! Love your wall, ESP the potato stamped art. Clever girl.

hughesfamily said...


hughesfamily said...

I actually just pinned a picture of your gallery wall! I love it!