Saturday, February 9, 2013

Baby Isla at four months.

It feels like it was just a little bit ago that I was running into the hospital, trying to make it to a room before this baby girl popped out.

But today I was trying to change her diaper while she rolled away from me about four times in a row, and I realized that my little baby is already getting so big! She can sit by herself for few seconds, roll both ways (but usually it's back to tummy; as soon as I place her down on her back she flips up and starts doing her push ups); she smiles and laughs and gets excited when her siblings are running around her. I love it when they get so interactive and smiley!

She is usually on the floor by Carson while he practices his piano. He takes frequent breaks.
Baby girl is in cloth diapers most of the time, now that Faye has given them up. (Although I need to sew new velcro on them since it's all worn out!)
I've decided Isla is going to be a bald one! Faye already had quite a bit of hair at this age.

I recently stopped swaddling Isla at night. So sad; she really loves to be wrapped up. But I don't like re-wrapping her in the middle of the night!
Soo she sleeps through the night... sometimes. I still am in there putting her paci back in or rolling her back over or moving her face out of her spit up.
Unfortunately, the spit up is still going strong. This sort of splatter happens about 52 times a day.
Hard to tell, but it actually totally soaked my shirt, her onesies, her pants, got a good part of my pants, and my foot. Nice. I do a lot of laundry. (And my handy husband fixed both the laundry room light and go the hot water working in the machine again! For real!)
Yay for daddy being home today to play with this big girl! Isla is seriously SO SO sweet. She hardly ever cries and is very even-tempered. I love how she lights up when one of us walks in the room and looks at her. I love this girl!!

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