Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrating Faye's Birthday/Valentine's.

Early Sunday morning, decorating Faye's cake before she woke up. (We had to hide it from her; there is no way she could control herself if she saw all that candy in one place. Hmm, I wonder where she gets that from.)
Ready to party.
Very thankful for good, kind family members who send gifts to my kids. I did have a little baby baby for her: Faye's first real baby doll!
We had a couple of families from church over for dinner on Faye's birthday.
Faye knew just what to do as far as blowing out candles and such. She acts like such a big girl. Yesterday I woke her up from her nap to go to a friend's house. When I got her and told her we needed to go to Cami's house, she brushed her hair out of her face and said, "Oh yes, I forgot!" As if she's overslept her alarm or something.
Valentines were nice and simple this year. Staple two paper hearts together with m&m's in between. The hearts read something like, "go ahead, be a heart breaker." So the recipient is supposed to tear the heart to get a candy surprise.
They did a good job coloring, writing, and stuffing them with candy all by themselves.
We all know Ev writes best with a Sharpie.
Tongues out.
My sweet Valentines with our fancy salmon dinner. I confess I was a little bitter hearing about lots of other people's Valentine's dates with their husbands. Mine gets home way too late to even catch dinner with the family and is usually falling asleep while he eats his. On this rotation he does have most of the weekend off though, so for that we are grateful! I am so glad I have four little people to keep me company while my husband-Valentine is so busy. :) 


Ciera & Josh Dickinson said...

Your family is so beautiful and I admire you so much for having such a positive attitude about Rick being gone so much. Josh has been teaching seminary this year and man is it hard! I complain about it sometimes, but I've been trying to have a better attitude since reading about your family and how your husband is hardly ever home. Just thought you should know that it is impacting me! So thanks! Also, I wanted to ask how you like living in Texas? Josh and I are thinking about moving there because it's warm and the houses are so cheap, but I've been asking friends who moved there how they like it so I can get a better feel for it. Anyways, thanks!

Richard said...

Happy Birthday Faye!!! I can't believe she is 2! We didn't do anything overly exciting for Valentine's day either, but we were lucky enough to have Rich home (only because if just happened to be during one of his 3 weeks of vacation for the year).
First year is more than 1/2 over and next year should be a little better for Rick, right!?

Melissa S. said...

OH MY WORD, I just LOVE that cake. It's totally making me hungry right now!!!! What a cute cute idea. I'm not sure the candy would even MAKE it to the cake if I were putting it on!!!!